Morgan Cardiff

Director | Producer | Cinematographer | Photographer

Morgan Cardiff is an Australian documentary director who specialises in expedition, environmental conservation and green economy storytelling. 

His work has taken him all over the globe, and been shown at multiple adventure film festivals. His environmental based research and films have been used to promote conservation and sustainable business actions for this clients and the subjects of his films. 

Morgan has been filming with, and writing about Dave Chamberlain for the past 7 years. In 2012 The directed, shot, and self produced ‘The Penguin Runner’, a film covering part of Dave’s previous run, through Namibia and South Africa. In 2013 he again traveled with Dave to Canada and documented a small part of his 8,100 km trans Canada run. Released as ‘West to the sea’ examines the ideas of possibility and what drives people to seek out these adventures. Morgan continued his work with Dave in 2016 spending 3 months following him as he began his ‘Hug Run’ project. 

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Outside his work with Dave, in 2014-2015 Morgan worked with the American Prairie Reserve and Adventure Scientists to promote their work on the grasslands of North Eastern Montana completing masters thesis research and developing a short film titled ‘Landmark’. 

In 2017 Morgan followed the story of a group of researchers around the UK examining their efforts to design an end to Hepatitis C producing a short film for design firm Frog. 

In 2017-2018 Morgan produced, directed and shot a series of short films for on the role of the green economy and small enterprise to help solve social and environmental challenges across Africa. The program saw him shoot 5 stories across 5 countries in East and West Africa. This work was an extension of an earlier series shot in South Africa in 2016. 

Morgan currently works as a freelance filmmaker, and an Senior Environmental Scientist in Sydney Australia, with recent shoots in Nepal, the Northern Territory and Tasmania.


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