The Hug Run

6 continents, 90 000kms, 9years, 2 feet, 1 pram



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The “Hug Run” is about LEGACY. The legacy that humankind will leave behind on this planet. The legacy of acts of kindness between strangers. The legacy of individuals trying to be better versions of themselves. And, for me, the legacy of two exceptional parents who have made it possible for me to attempt these projects through a combination of their understanding, genetics and ceaseless & selfless support of my efforts to live the best possible life that I can. My hope for this run is for it to remind people that underneath all the many layers that make up a person, we are all still human and that this respect for another human should absolutely be the moral compass guiding our actions, above and beyond personal belief,

ethnicity or gender. My hope for this run is for it to remind people that in between all the many cultures which make up the human race, we are all still just one small part of this planet, and that this recognition of our place here amongst millions of other species, should be our moral compass guiding our actions for the future. 

My definition of “project success” would be that, after 6 years of running around the world, we would be able to fill the Cape Town Stadium with thousands of people simply hugging. If that is all that the project achieves, I will be happy with a job well done. We all have talents and we all have responsibilities. I want to make people aware of their own special talents, and to use this talent to

improve their local community. I want people to stop undermining the value of their talents simply because it won’t win them a gold

medal at the Olympics.

Winning the 100 m in 9.58 seconds is impressive, but in and of itself does not do anything for somebody

starving in the streets of Cape Town, Cincinnati, Bangkok, Nairobi or Oslo. Volunteering at a soup kitchen does. I want people to re-evaluate what they consider impressive and what they consider important, and hopefully by completing my project, I will have, first, captured their attention because of the parameters of the run, and then, secondly and most importantly, make them aware of just how much “amazing” lies within themselves. All that one needs to be “amazing” is some support,motivation and a direction in which to channel their unique skill


-Dave Chamberlain